Bangladesh Mela

BANGLADESH MELA®, is a non-profit, non-political and non-discriminatory, IRS 501c(3) tax-exempt (Tax ID 88-2139672) organization, established 2005. Only. One of the most important goal of this organization is to preserve and promote the language, culture and heritage of Bangladesh  where all the Bangladeshis living in North America can gather to celebrate their successes and deliver cultural talents through stage performances.

Since its inception in 2002, BANGLADESH MELA® has been working tirelessly in this land far away from our ancestral homeland to keep our indigenous culture and commence it to our next generation growing in North America, primarily. In addition, BANGLADESH MELA ® has recently received appreciation for its work to assimilate our people with the mainstream of North American people and culture. Those of us who are working in spite of all obstacles in different communities all over the continent are getting recognition from this organization.

In other words, BANGLADESH MELA® is a symbol of our hope and aspiration and a unifying force for bringing our communities together and for moving it in forward direction. Please join us if you haven’t already done so and encourage other organizations to join BANGLADESH MELA !