Little Bangladesh, Los Angeles

 Little Bangladesh, Los Angeles


Little Bangladesh was officially designated by the City of Los Angeles in 2010.[1] It is the cultural and culinary hub of LA’s Bangladeshi community.[2]

Designation of the neighborhood as “Little Bangladesh” caused some friction with some Korean-Americans in Los Angeles, who wanted the area named as a part of Koreatown. In 2009, City Councilman Tom LaBonge opposed the neighborhood designation, and instead suggested the community erect a statue at a local park and consider neighborhood designation sometime in the future.[3] After neighborhood leaders organized residents for more than a year to lobby the Los Angeles City Council, Little Bangladesh received its official designation in 2010. Signage marking the area was installed in 2011.[2]



North side of 3rd St., in Little Bangladesh


Minimall on 3rd St.

Little Bangladesh is four-block area along 3rd Street between Alexandria and New Hampshire Avenues.[4] It is a tree-lined residential community that also includes restaurants, shops and art galleries. [5] The neighborhood is surrounded by Koreatown.


The 2000 census showed a Bangladeshi population of 1,700 in Los Angeles County.[3] In 2010, the South Asian Network, a cultural and advocacy group with an office nearby, estimated the Bangladeshi population in the area at more than 20,000, based on a community mapping project it did in 2005. Community leaders have identified the area as having a lower- to middle-income population.

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